Monday, August 22

in the summertime ...

After much hesitation, debate, and endless indecision, I'm officially going back to France.

My contract for the teaching assistant program was renewed (unfairly right before I was leaving so I never really had a chance) and I'm not ready to say goodbye yet. I'm not ready to stop listening to French everyday, speaking French everyday, working with my students, cooking with my friends, and flat out pretending I'm French. I think about it everyday and finally the wait is over.

So I will be stressing about packing too much for the third time, thinking about traveling over vacation for the third time, arriving in Paris with way too much luggage for the third time, and taking the train home to Rennes, for the third time.

I have had one of the best summers. It has been the perfect combination of downtime and seeing family and friends and doing small jobs to have some backup funds while abroad (which will inevitably go towards something I don't need like almond croissants and hair bows, let's be honest). Here are some highlights:

As you can see perfect weather and a lot of eating.

So the adventures will continue on September 14th as I make my way from Boston to Paris where I hopefully will meet up with some friends before we go our separate ways around the country to teach. I found an apartment in the center of town with my friend Berit instead of living in the same "apartment" as last year (and yes, quotation marks are seriously necessary in this situation). I'm so excited to be back and see everyone and settle in.

Stay tuned for more in September ...