Wednesday, June 20

sad endings, new beginnings

I have officially been home for a little over a month and working on readjusting to life in the US of A. I had a super hard time leaving and knowing I was leaving a job, friends, an apartment, and a routine behind. As difficult as it was to come home, I had a lot to look forward to and it seems as though I launched into summer quickly. About 24 hours after I flew home, we drove up to upstate NY to see my sister graduate from Hobart and William Smith. The weather was dy-na-mite and it was nice to get some sun and spend time with my family. 

congrats gracie!

Next up, mom and I took a little trip to NYC for a doctors' appointment ... and a little bit of fun. We got to go to Upright Citizens Brigade theater for an improv show, did some light shopping, and had a cupcake tasting test ... Magnolia Bakery won. I finished my stay with a visit with Allison on set of GIRLS which was beyond amazing.

I decided to use my time with no commitment or job wisely, and headed to Miami for doctor's appointments, physical therapy, and some intense heat and sun. I was there for two weeks learning as much as I could and working on getting back in shape after 8 months of wine and cheese ...

south beach.

south beach art deco.

found some dishware from brittany in the old
vizcaya mansion in miami! 

my friend lindsay came down to keep me company
for a few days.

sunrise the morning we left.
I miss Rennes everyday and I will never forget all of the people I met there and all of the amazing opportunities I had over the past two years. I'm excited to be home and to start new adventures so stay tuned in case they bring me overseas once again ...

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rennes, tu me manques.