Friday, December 30

I was lucky enough to receive the best Christmas present from my family: a roundtrip ticket home! After an incredibly busy December helping colleagues with end of the semester evaluations and scrambling around trying to decide what gifts to bring home (and realistically, what will fit in my suitcase) I spent a wonderful ten days in the US of A. Even though it ended up being a lot of dayquil and netflix due to getting sick (oops) I still managed to squeeze in a trip to NYC, seeing friends, lots of cooking and even more eating. Here are some snapshots from break ...

a white christmas!

celebrating cait's birthday in nyc.
pancakes are the new birthday cake.

christmas eve tradition: homemade pizza.

make it nice around the tree, make it nice.

merry christmas family.

before heading home, my roommate and i did a little
tour of rennes to look at the lights and enjoy the
christmas market ...

french christmas trees.

christmas market with delicious food and spiced wine to keep you warm.

everyone was out and about looking at crafts and munching on
tartiflette at the christmas market.
 I am back 'home' in Rennes and anxious to ring in the New Year with my friends here. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday and I will see you in the New Year!